Gallery: Favorites

Learn about some of the favorites designs by the artist/creator of the artworks. Get a behind-the-scene look at how these works were created and the inspiration/meaning behind them.  

The first thing that came to mind when I finished this piece was CAKE, and it wasn't intentional! Maybe I was craving cake at the time and I subconsciously made it this way. The message is to let others feel their inner strength to power up their outer strengths to face their battles. I can never "do plain" or create a plain piece, I always like to add as much as I can, thus I added the flower patterns in the back to bring out the image more.

This is one of the first experimental inspirational posts I created that turns out to be one of my favorites. Everyone should have the courage to believe in themselves. This art was created to show people that by believing in themselves, a whole world of wonders can happen.

I should try a pattern with different shades, I told myself, after seeing the color scheme on my adobe account options. This was supposed to be only shades of green, but while I was taking off the oranges and adding the green, I noticed these two colors looked pretty cool together. I was enchanted, so I created a few more patterns with the same colors. Now when I look at this, all I can think about is guava, a fruit from back home. Guava, Guava. Guava. Hmm...this is the second food base art work

Ok, full disclosure... this artwork is not yet available. But you can find it as a background pattern for a few of my inspirational sayings sections of the store. I kind of went what if with this one. I love to create abstract art. So I typed it up on the Etsy search engine and wall-ah! I was like "I can do better." There goes my ego. The sparks was flying so high, I had to immediately log into my adobe account. I have a lot of plans with this, that's why it's not up as yet.

This was a formatting nightmare, of sort. The boarder floral design are all single images I had to copy and paste individually, it had to be aligned perfectly with others and it had to look good with any color schemes. I was very happy with the finished piece because it was a success! I then had to come up with 20 different post/sayings to add in the middle. This particular one was created way before I started the design, its what actually inspired it. It represent a personal boundary/space.

Again, this is not up at yet, look forward to it. I really dislike people who rudely judge and make fun out of others. It's not very nice to make someone feel insecure. This message is to empower and send a message that I am the only one who has the right to judge my so called flaws and accept them. This has a very elegant theme to it with no more than three colors. Much more on the darker, rather than the usual pop colors.

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